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AHA! Group

We are operating with many different entities to support various needs of our clients.  We are continuing to seek collaboration opportunities and strive to allow our clients to experience the AHA! moment with us.

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AHA! Academy

Our Academy, AHA! Academy, provides premium classes such as Mathematics and Science tuition, Math Heuristics, Science Answering Techniques, Web Designing, and other academic classes in various subjects.

The Academy provides educational services and workshops for Parents to equip them to be competent partners in their Child's education.

AHA! Sites

Our Website Development entity, AHA! Sites, helps to support the design and hosting needs of all our entities.

AHA! Sites is competent and capable of supporting individuals and SME companies to develop their websites development and hosting needs.  If you are looking for a website just for profile or simple landing page, or with Appointment Booking, or eCommerce capabilities, please approach us for discussion.

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AHA! Connect

Coming Soon!

Affordable and Well-equipped Classroom for Rent

Our classroom at AHA! Academy is available for short-term or long-term rent for teaching or meeting use.  The room is equipped with Interactive Whiteboard, movable flipchart, Visualizer, and ease of connecting your device to the Smartboard.  The room has fast internet connection.  The room can take up to 10 students.
This room setup is best suited for tutors looking to conduct group tuition or for weekly discussion meeting.

Contact us to enquire about the pricing.

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Classroom View (Rear)
Classroom View (Front)
Teacher Workspace

Access by Password

Equipped with Technology

Hi-speed Internet

Up to 10 students

Contact Us for Room Booking Enquiry

The room is available for booking, short-term or long-term.
Contact us to find out more.

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